Transform documents into Flash videos for the Web



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Publishing documents on the Internet can be a real process if you're not sure which platform to use to distribute them. One of the most common is PDF, although of course there are other options.

One of the newest ways to distribute information through the Internet is found under the name Print2Flash, a tool that helps you convert a document into a Flash movie. Office, Excel, and Power Point are just three of the file formats that you can transform into Flash.

Print2Flash lets you to choose which controls will be available in the viewer's interface, like select, move, zoom, rotate, adjust size, print, search, go forward, go back, etc. You can also elect to disable text selection and/or print functions.

Once you've finished transforming your document, all you need to do is insert it into a webpage, where any user with Flash installed will be able to view it.

Trial version fully functional for 30 days, although it's not possible to modify configuration options.

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